Parents expect the school to uphold good standards of behaviour and in this section we outline how we guide the children to be "care, share and enjoy" their life at our school and Nursery.

We expect high standards of behaviour at all times from all our pupils.

The children’s motto is ‘care, share and enjoy’ and the school rules are:


  • Do be gentle. (*Do not hurt anyone.)
  • Do be kind and helpful. (*Do not hurt people’s feelings.)
  • Do look after property. (*Do not waste or damage things.)
  • Do listen (*Do not interrupt.)
  • Do be honest. (*Do not hide the truth.)


We encourage children to be responsible for their own actions and to develop a caring attitude for themselves, their peers, adults and the wider community. We reinforce positive behaviour and achievement at all times through praise and encouragement. When a child’s behaviour fails to reach the standards we expect, we always inform parents and invite them to visit the school so that all parties can work together to resolve the situation.

The school rules are few and based on safety, comfort and consideration. A summary copy of the school’s Behaviour Policy is included in this information pack. Pupils were involved in the development of the policy, which is reviewed regularly. Parents are requested to read, sign and return the enclosed consent form indicating their acceptance and support of this policy.

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